Grain Bins


Farm Bins | Non-Stiffened

Sukup Non-Stiffened bins were designed with the operator in mind and it shows in the many features standard on every Sukup Bin. From our patented anchor brackets to our extra-strong roofs; quality, strength and innovation have made Sukup Bins a top choice across the countryside and Sukup the world's fastest growing bin company.

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Farm Bins | Stiffened

 Adding stiffeners to a bin transfers roof loads directly to the foundation, resulting in less stress on the sidewall sheets. This allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets without sacrificing structural strength, making a stiffened bin more economical. Stiffened bins also provide excellent structural stability against grain, wind and seismic forces. 

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Commercial Bins

Sukup Commercial Bins are built to the same exacting standards and tight tolerances as our farm-duty bins, but they are super-sized and beefed-up to meet the demands of commercial-grade operations. With maximum capacities of up to 1.94 million bushels, there are Sukup Commercial Bins to fit the needs of any operation. 

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Hopper Bins | Medium Duty

Sukup Medium-Duty Hoppers are the economical choice for smaller operations. 

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Hopper Bins | Heavy Duty

The design of Sukup Heavy-Duty Hopper Bottom Bins is among the strongest in the industry, with wide corrugations, extra-strong stiffeners, and heavy-duty hopper panels. The tank portion of our hopper bottom units features the same quality sidewall construction as standard Sukup Bins as well as the same extra-strong roof. Our 44” door is available as an option on heavy-duty hopper bins. 

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Million Bushel Bin

The Sukup 135' and 156' Diameter Commercial Bins were built to satisfy today's massive grain storage needs. The Sukup 135' Commercial Bin was the first free-span bin of this size ever erected. With 1,471,585 and 1,935,774 bushel maximum capacities, you can maximize your storage space while minimizing the number of bins.

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