Center Pivots

8000 Series


The Cadillac of the irrigation industry. 


Maximum Machine Length 2800’
Maximum Towing Length 1500’
Pivot Point Options 6 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 10”
Pipe Diameter Options 6”, 6 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 10”
Span Length Options 115’ to 225’
Overhang Options 9’ to 100’
Towable Pivot Point Options:

 Two-Wheel E-Z TowTM, Four-Wheel E-Z Tow, Skid Tow 

7000 Series


 Maximum Machine Length 2000’

 Maximum Towing Length 1500’ 

Pivot Point Options 6 5/8” and 8 5/8” 

Pipe Diameter Options 6” and 6 5/8” 

Span Length Options 115’ to 205’ 

Overhang Options 9’ to 100’ 

Towable Pivot Point Options:

 Two-Wheel E-Z TowTM, Four-Wheel E-Z Tow 




 Linear irrigation machines are a great choice for efficient irrigation, and may be the right fit for your field. Valley® linear machines provide high return on investment compared to other irrigation equipment, including increased coverage and flexibility. 

Corners, Benders and DropSpans

Precision Corner


 Every acre of land is valuable, and the Valley® Precision Corner® has proven its worth time and time again on farmland across the country. Our Precision Corner turns once difficult-to-irrigate corners into green crops, helping you earn more green by boosting your bottom line, no matter what you grow.  

VFlex Corner


 You want the most out of your acres, including the corners, and you want a solution that is durable and reliable, stable on rough terrain and in bad weather, and easy to maintain. The Valley® VFlex™ Corner provides that precision irrigation solution.

Bender30 & Bender160



  • Easy to retrofit - no structural changes required
  • Bends up to 30 degrees in both directions.


  • Integrated end gun and auxiliary controls for bending mode.
  • Bends up to 160 degrees in both directions.
  • Ask us about the bender anchor package Valley has to offer.



 The Valley DropSpan™ utilizes custom structural components and allows the outer spans of your center pivot to be “dropped” from the machine, allowing you to pick up additional acres adjacent to large obstructions at the edge of the field. The spans can be dropped or re-attached by one person without tools in less than 15 minutes.