Technology Information Links

Control Panels


 Smart irrigation and smart control panels go hand-in-hand.  Valley® smart panels, mechanical control panels and irrigation controls are designed to eliminate these unnecessary visits to your field and help you regain control of your irrigation.  

Remote Management Options


Remote management solutions, like Valley® BaseStation3™  and AgSense®  products, help you to better monitor and control your irrigation systems. Let Valley give you peace of mind and time back for other important things in your life with irrigation remote management products. 

GPS Solutions


 From tractors and combines to irrigation equipment, growers like you are using GPS to make your job easier and to make the most of your biggest asset: your land. We offer two GPS products to enhance your farm operation: GPS Position for center pivots and linears, and GPS Guidance for corners and linears. Call our one of two service centers in Carrington and West Fargo, North Dakota and find out what farming technology we have available for you.

Water Application Management


The need for uniform and accurate water delivery to the crop throughout its lifecycle is essential to maximizing yield and maintaining the health of the plant. We at Valley®Irrigation recognize this, and that's why we offer several solutions for your precision water application challenges with our ever-expanding agricultural technology. 

Valley® is...agricultural technology innovation.


We’re all about making your life easier through technology that takes the guesswork out of farming. From controlling your pivots remotely to variable rate irrigation, we’re advancing irrigation with amazing farming technology and agricultural technology so you get greater usability and connectivity. This is Valley® .