Sukup Material Handling Solutions

Double Run



A Double-Run Conveyor can replace a roof auger, transfer auger, dryer take-away auger and even a permanently-installed transport auger. The design of the Sukup Double-Run Conveyor is compact and it operates smoothly and quietly, with minimum maintenance. The Sukup Double-Run Conveyor causes less grain damage than a portable auger and is more efficient and economical than augers of similar capacity and length. A Double-Run Conveyor is also very easy to install in any operation.

Bucket Elevator


 Sukup Bucket Elevators give you the capacity for expansion. You want to know the equipment you purchase is reliable and our bucket elevators are just that; with UHMW seals on all shafts, durable SOFR rubber belting and heavy-gauge trunking. Additionally, Sukup can offer you what our competitors won't: a bucket elevator for all your needs. 

Chain Loop Conveyor



With a Sukup Chain Loop Conveyor, you can fill, unload, blend and transfer grain in one complete operation. Loop Systems generally require less power and are gentler on grain. The flexibility of Loop Systems make them great for adding to existing site or incorporating into a new site. A vertical loop works in a system where bin centers are aligned and the center sumps dump into the chain loop tube installed under the bin floor. A slanted loop is used in a system where the fronts of the bins are aligned and the external powerheads discharge into the chain loop tube.

Power Sweep


Top Features: Sweepway Power Sweep

  1. Independent Intermediate Sump
  2. 16 to 1 Reduction Drive Wheel
  3. Sweep Scrapers
  4. Cluster Buster
  5. Offset Gearbox Design

Tube & Well Systems


Sukup Tube and Well Unloading Systems are economical and easy to service.

  • 6”, 8”, and 10” angle ring or sleeve mount systems available.
  • The Sukup carry-in sweep features a galvanized backboard and can be moved from one bin to another in no time.

Air System


 A pneumatic (air) system is the ideal grain conveying system for new or existing drying operations. This type of system is especially well-suited to moving grain from a continuous flow dryer into cooling and/or storage bins. 

Hy-Flight Conveyors


 Sukup Hy-Flight Conveyors are the answer you're looking for when you need more of an incline than the 10o allowed with straight drag conveyors. Hy-Flight Conveyors will work at inclines up to 60o. 

Drag Conveyor


 Sukup is making it easier and more cost-effective to handle grain. Sukup Drag Conveyors are made of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel to ensure that your investment will last for years to come. Sukup Drag Conveyors are also customizable to fit your operation and material handling needs. 

Transfer & Utility Augers


 Sukup transfer, utility and roof augers are just what you need to complete your bin system. 

U-Trough Unload


  • 10” System.
  • Unload up to 6000 bu/hr.
  • 13 ¼” floor clearance.
  • Horizontal powerhead.
  • All controls are located outside of bin.
  • No need to enter the bin.
  • Components are factory assembled.